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Eight Immortal Lords Ruled Earth For 240,000 Years

More than a dozen copies of a mysterious textual content called the Sumerian King Lists were exposed over time via archaeologists in regions as disparate as historical Babylon, Susa, and Assyria. they’re all believed to be copies of a unmarried authentic manuscript that is thought to had been written during the third Dynasty of Ur by using most historians, despite the fact that a few accept as true with it’d were written even earlier. The excellent-preserved example of this historical text is called the Weld-Blundell Prism and is on public display in the Ashmolean Museum.


The Sumerian King Lists have baffled historians ever since they were uncovered by way of current people. The textual content describes a fascinating period in records while beings called gods dominated over humankind of tens of thousands of years. The manuscript makes reference to eight kings who ‘descended from heaven’ who dominated for an astonishingly lengthy length of 241,two hundred years. each of those deified kings met their stop for the duration of the brilliant Flood which devastated the population of the arena. After the flood, the text claims that every other ‘kingship turned into reduced from heaven’ and that those beings took up manage of the people of Earth yet again

For a long time, it’s been believed that the memories of these exceedingly long-lived kings, their eventual loss of life, and their alternative have been simply the mythology of the historic civilization who compiled the Sumerian King listing. but, a few have speculated that the textual content might not be mythology in any respect. The fact that the kings are said to have descended from heaven has led a few people to signify that they may had been of an otherworldly starting place. this will suggest that their highly lengthy reigns over the towns is probably literal rather than metaphorical as those alien beings may have had a great deal longer lifespans than human beings. they’ll have even been immortal.

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