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Former Illuminati Insider: There Are 2 Varieties Of Cloning

Donald Marshall is a ordinary guy (who takes place to additionally be a clone) who located himself in a cloning station, run with the aid of none other than queen Elizabeth. glaringly.

In essence, he wants to educate the arena about this clandestine superstar cloning operation, that is run by means of the Illuminati – who are essentially working a real-life version of the movie the island (which in keeping with Marshall, turned into produced by way of none aside from the Illuminati themselves on a whim).

So how exactly has this definitely professional operation been taking place, and right below our noses?

“The nazis did terrible experiments with people. then the united states added the ones scientists right here so they might learn from them. i’m now not amazed at something anymore.

I’ve study plenty approximately Donald and visible plenty of his interviews. I assume he’s telling the fact. Synthetics aren’t the same as clones if i recollect proper.

However numerous human beings in the white residence had been allegedly replaced via them. Whilst Obama become inside the white residence.There’s so much to this it is able to’t be defined in a 30-60 minute video that is why some say Donald is BD.

He speaks from reminiscence and i don’t suppose he has organized notes. And nobody to sincerely assist him placed some thing prepared collectively. Thank you for posting this.”


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