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The Lie We Live In! Everybody Need To Watch And Share This Video, I’m Speechless, Unfold It!

You’ve felt it your complete lifestyles, that there’s something incorrect with the world. You don’t understand what it’s miles, however it’s there, like a splinter to your mind, driving you mad.

This 8-minute brief documentary film by using Spencer Cathcart questions our freedom, the training gadget, companies, money, the Yankee capitalist device, america government, international crumble, the environment, climate change, genetically changed food, and our treatment of animals.

Are we dwelling a lie?

At this moment you could be everywhere doing something.
As an alternative you sit down alone earlier than a display.
So what’s stopping us from doing what we need, being where we need to be?

Each day we awaken inside the equal room and comply with the same course to live the identical day as the day gone by. Yet at one time every day changed into a brand new adventure.
Alongside the manner some thing modified.
Earlier than our days had been undying now our days are scheduled.

Is that this what it means to be grown up?
To be unfastened?
But are we absolutely loose?

The elite who cover behind the logos of agencies.
This is their global.

And their most treasured resource isn’t always in the ground it is us.
We construct their towns.
We run their machines.
We fight their wars.

After all, money isn’t what drives them.
It’s strength.
Cash is without a doubt the device they use to control us.

Worthless pieces of paper we depend on to feed us, flow us, entertain us.
They gave us cash, and in return we gave them the arena.

This video will open your thoughts and make you question many aspects of lifestyles as we know it.

Movies inclusive of this are important for folks who would choose to no longer examine however rather watch, this manner we can reach all varieties of humans with facts in an effort to help us awaken and evolve into this new era of information.

We hope you revel in this video and please experience free to share it along with your friends.

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