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Time traveler’ cautions that an outsider intrusion will occur in 2018

On October second 2017 when police reacted to a call due home unsettling influence in Casper Wyoming toward the beginning of October they discovered Bryant Johnson 27 who was flushed with a message for them.
He was from the future and was sent to this opportunity to caution individuals around an outsider attack that will happen in 2018.
Bryant asserted that it was from 2048 and was in Wyoming to caution Casper’s leader of the looming outsider attack he said he was flushed on the grounds that it is the main way the outsiders time-travel gadget would transport him into the past.
He said the arrangement had turned out badly and should be transported to 2018 not 2017 he likewise expressed that when this happened he was on a goliath stage from where he transported in time and achieved our present time.

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